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The Importance Of Stream Overlay In Gaming Industry

In this Era, Streamers are increasing day by day. Some think the word ‘stream’ means playing live games on a platform. Stream not only stands for live games but also stands for other activities such as podcasts, live Q&A, etc. But, indeed, the number of gamers doing a stream on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Omlet Arcade, etc., is higher than other streamers. Every day, all streamers are moving forward on how to make their stream attractive and pro. Whether it’s a newcomer or a pro gamer, to do streaming, they must need Stream Overlay to get their live stream to the next level!

Stream Overlays are the new thing that has become popular in the gaming industry. Whether you are a new or old streamer, you have stream overlay, right? Or maybe you are looking for stream overlays to make your stream gorgeous. If you are thinking that you want to make customizable stream overlays that will represent your Twitch channel or YouTube channel, or wherever you are streaming, then read this article. You will be going to be benefited!


Stream Overlay For Gameplay

Now let’s talk about why you must need stream overlays. As all gamers are switching to the streaming field, they need stream overlays also. Almost all players are taking stream as their hobby. Nowadays, Gamers are not only playing; they also represent their gaming skills by doing live streams. Some are doing live streams for their side income or passive income, whatever you call it. As per research, I found that in the last year, the use of stream overlay has increased in the gaming community. Many streamers are either looking for their stream overlays, or maybe they are using their existing ones.


stream overlay and streaming

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Just think about one thing, why do you want to stream? You want to stream your gameplays to showcase your skill or maybe for entertainment purposes. As I am a stream overlay designer with 3 years of experience, I know that most streamers are getting into the stream for the skill that they want to show people so that they can be motivated by the viewers knowing that people love their gameplay. It will also help them to go to tournaments and that’s what happens. People are getting in touch with tournaments and winning matches!

You can’t disagree that streaming is the most important thing a player can do to get benefits almost everywhere in gaming society. Hence, a role called stream overlay took place in the gaming industry. If you are looking for a complete package of stream overlay and want me to design your overlays, you can check out my profile on Fiverr. I got almost 3 years of experience and am also certified by Alison as a Graphic Designer. I have completed more than 100s projects on Fiverr and many more on Discord. So, you will get a great opportunity from me if you design your full package of stream overlay!


Types Of Stream Overlay

Well, 2 types of overlay are very popular. One is a ‘static overlay,’ and the other is an ‘animated overlay.’ Now you might be thinking, what does the word ‘static overlay’ stand for, right? Haha, let me explain to you. The difference between animated overlay and static overlay is in ‘animation’ and ‘static background.’ One type of stream overlay comes with an animation design and the other comes with static background with no animation.

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Other types of stream overlays are coming and predicting that this one will come up with a massive change in the design section. Can you guess what the design will look like? The change is called ‘3d animated design’. How shocking is that, right? 3D animated stream overlay designs didn’t come yet, but as an animator, I can say they will come in the future. This overlay is unimportant now, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Nowadays, animated stream overlays are getting more popular than static stream overlays. Because animated stream overlay comes with a more in-depth design, and advanced level overlays, the other one, static background and design, is old and replaced by animated overlays. Most gamers streaming for a long time are also shifting from static to animated overlay!


Stream Overlay Package

There are so many things that you have to keep in mind. I made a list of elements that you can get in a package of stream overlay if you are going to buy in the future –

  • Starting Soon,
  • Ending Soon,
  • Stream Offline,
  • Stream Paused,
  • Intermission or Just Chatting with Chatbox,
  • Be Right Back (BRB),
  • Facecam,
  • Countdown,
  • Alert box,
  • Panels,

You will get these screens or elements from a complete stream overlay package. You might be confused about what Just Chatting, Countdown, and Stream Paused. No worries, let me explain to you – Just Chatting is the same thing as Intermission. It is a new name that replaced ‘Intermission’ with ‘Just Chatting.’

What is Countdown? The countdown is a small animated counter showing the viewers how many seconds or minutes the stream will start or end. It will only include an animated stream overlay package if you are interested.

What is Stream Paused? Stream Paused is a screen like Stream Starting but for a different purpose. If the streamer wants a little break from gaming, the screen will be perfect for showing. However, this screen is not mandatory in the stream as there is another screen called ‘Be Right Back.’ So instead of Stream Pause, you can use Be Right Back; that is what everyone does. I hope you got a whole idea about stream overlay.


Which Software Is Best For Streaming?

In the gaming industry, 2 types of software are very popular, and almost every streamer uses them. These are – Streamlabs OBS & OBS Studio. This two software are very friendly for streamers or even for recording gameplay. If I compare Streamlabs OBS with OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS had far better UI-UX design and functions than OBS Studio. But two of them are best at streaming and recording gameplay. If you are a newcomer in this streaming field, then you can also use one of the software and they are free to use. All you need to do is download one of the above software and copy the streaming key from the platform you want to stream. Then paste it into the software to connect the live stream!


My Suggestion About Stream Overlay

If you want my suggestion on what type of stream overlay you want, I will say go for an animated stream overlay package from any expert Graphic Designer. Because in this century or era, static stream overlays are lower design than animated stream overlays. But if you are a newcomer and want to start streaming, you can get static designs. They are not bad, but also not better than animated stream overlays.

Now let’s talk about how you can find an expert designer. The best and easy way to find an expert Graphic Designer on Fiverr is to check the seller’s level and design portfolio. Also, you can check seller’s reviews that people give. Moreover, you can check their FAQ section if you have any questions or any doubts that you want to clear before getting stream overlays.

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